Pharsees and Saducees not welcome

While walking the earth, who did Jesus spend his time with?

  • Those who hungered for truth and freedom from despair
  • Those who saw the connection He had with Papa God
  • Those who wanted to be in His presence
  • Those who recognized the presence of Holy Spirit in Him

While walking the earth, who did He stay away from ?

  • Those who had it all, they were the tip of the top
  • Those who had God all figured out, they had the system down
  • Those who were convinced they lived in the presence 
  • Those who knew they had their place secure they were the chosen ones

fork in the pathThe Word says God dwells in the presence of His worshipers.  Where else would Jesus want to spend His time?  

Would He stay with those who didn’t even recognize Him, after-all they had millennia of prophecies lining out everything He did.  But they were steeped in layers of traditions which blinded them.  In the end they worshipped their system not their Creator.  Those other “outsiders” were looking for love in all the wrong places.  They were desperately seeking the love were starved for.  They knew they deserved nothing but saw living love in front of them.  They could sense the very atmosphere Heaven when He was near, His love was overwhelming and His joy contagious.  The perfect representation of Pap God standing in front of them and they came to two wildly different conclusions.  He was either the very author of life or worthy of death!

Every breath, every move, every step is true worship when Jesus is the focus, if we set our hearts on someone or something else, our worship is futile.  Dust in the wind, vapors not rising up but dissipating, tears not stored up but squandered on the ground.   Yes everything we do is worship but, of whom?



Red glow on the eastern horizon

Night recedes into the west

First songs of the morning take wing

Last star fades from view 

Dew sparkles in the first rays of light

Night crawlers and creepers hide away

The symphony of life awakens

Singing the tunes of creation

Babbling waters and rustling leaves

How can we remain silent?

Dance with the dawn 

Sing with the sunrise

Sound the trumpet

Worship with all your might !

Fallow ground

Is fallowness or fallow ground a bad thing? 

My initial reaction is, yes of course, because it seems to be associated with weeds and such so it must be bad, I mean, weeds in the field are bad right?   

Interesting thing is that fallow ground, is ground which has been turned over or tilled in preparation for planting and then purposely left to sit for a time. That process turns the stalks and leaves along with the weeds and undesirable parts deep into the soil. But under that soil, transformation takes place and the refuse of what was, becomes the source of nutrition to the crop which will be planted next season. And that process can take time, while the field sits fallow or “useless” it is actually quite busy preparing for the next season.

So we could say that the season of perceived fallowness, may actually be a time ordained to prepare us for the greater work to come. That period when the junk in our lives is transformed through the mysterious workings of wind and water and Sun on our fallow ground, may actually be the Spirit the Word and the Son shaping us on the potter’s wheel into the vessel fit for the next purpose Papa has for us.

Never despise the day of small beginnings, or the secret things in hidden places, 

Papa has plans that we know not as yet, but be assured they are for our good!   

Determine to persist thru the fallow time, in fact worship in the midst as it is not a period of “punishment” but rather a time of renewal and refreshing!!!

Worship Thought

I had a worship thought the other day……

img_1686When we were part of the institutional church we had a scheduled day and time when we were supposed to worship.  You know, Sunday morning 10am or whatever the appointed time was for the fellowship we were part of.  You probably think I’m going to say that kind of “formal thing” is bad and artificial because I’m not part of the system anymore.  But in reality there is something good about a set time to be aware of His presence.  In effect the schedule at least makes us aware of our need to spend time with Papa God.  The breakdown comes in our complacency fostered by the feeling we have “fulfilled our duty” by being part of the appointed service.

Regardless of our form of fellowship, we should set aside times when we purposefully seek a deeper awareness of His presence.  It is this deep desire for more of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, that brought the early church together from house to house in fellowship to grow together.  It just morphed over time as the traditions of men crept in and became systematized, formalized and organized into its current “normal Christian” expressions.  I would contend that they bear no resemblance to the early Church  what so ever.

So, in light of the premise that It’s all worship, we should be fully aware of His omnipresence in our lives as we breath in and out His name continually.  But hey, life happens and it is so easy to be caught up by the visible world around us.  We tend to live by sight, not by faith, because it’s the “natural” way to be.  Without Holy Spirit we depend 100% on our physical senses to experience life.  But the real substance of our being is Supernatural.  It’s who we are in Jesus, above the visible, natural world living in continuous knowledge of His presence and power working in our lives.

Be vigilant to stay actively aware of His omnipresence and His longing to be included in our every waking thought and action.


What propels the waves? A surge of energy from an unseen force of nature? The breath of God on the waters? A mysterious strength from the depths of the sea?   Waves continue unabated from the dawn of creation. A integral part of the symphony of worships set in motion as the Spirit moved over the waters so long ago.

They make me realize again how we are to be at worship continually in harmony with all of creation. Yes as if driven by the wind of the Spirit, moved by some urgent force deep within, responding to the force of Papa’s love poured out on us.
Waves take the hard places in the ocean and wear them down till they become the soft sands that smooth the weary feet.
Waves, sometimes soft and serene, quiet and peaceful. Other times raging, powerful and boisterous. All driven by that unseen force the dwells in the wind and sea. We too are driven by unseen forces which rise up in actions and deeds every day we live.  

Let’s be aware of this worship we are continually engaged in and keep the focus of our worship on Papa, not distracted buy the boisterous waves or lulled into complacency by the gentle ones.



It’s really easy to associate worship and celebration.  It’s universal.  Not just some Western Christianity sort of phenomenon.  Worship in all cultures has at least a component of celebration at times.   But we celebrate all kinds of things and events in life and if you think about it we are worshipping in every celebration.

 So what can be considered celebration?  

We just traveled across the country to celebrate the life of a dear uncle.  No, it wasn’t a dreary gloomy wailing mournful deal, it was indeed a celebration.  The stories told at the wake, from the pulpit during the service, at the meal afterwards and on into the night in his famous Red Barn were a testimony to his life, a life well lived indeed.  

His example of practical blessing to so many around him was his faith, lived on the outside but never “in your face.”  He showed us how to celebrate every day…  I think he had ahold of something big, celebrate (worship) everyday by living a life of joy, generosity and love, and it will  spread contagiously to those around you.   

Thanks, Uncle Earl.  We miss you and look forward to seeing you again.



I’ve been contemplating serenity as a form of worship lately. This view off our balcony is so serene and peaceful it lead me to look up the word serenity.

1. The state of being serene; calmness; peacefulness.

2. A lack of agitation or disturbance.

3. A title given to a reigning prince or similar dignitary.


One of the benefits of worship is peace or serenity.  One of the benefits of salvation is “the peace that passes all understanding”.  Kinda makes you think don’t it ?

So if we are suppose to worship all the time and we have have serenity in us all the time, then aren’t we are there already, we just have to recognize it.  It’s the same way we have to step into our salvation daily and purposefully walk it out.  These attributes of the divine presence in us are always there just waiting for us to cooperate and let them out.  So, we really are enabled to worship all the time in everything we do.

Yeah, OK, life does it’s best to eat away at our peace, to chip away at the serenity we should walk in constantly. What we must focus on is that , in Christ we are already at peace, serene and impervious to the hostility going on in the physical world. The real you and I, the spirit man inside is quite capable of walking in perfect serenity always. Like so many things in this mortal life, it is simply a choice.

Let’s choose to live from the serenity within and walk in worship every minute of every day.