Deep calls to deep

There’s a river of life that flows deep in us. Sometimes it gets dammed up by the pain and disappointments of life. But as we sit in His presence with no particular agenda. Not looking for anything more than just to be with our Papa God. The stream begins to trickle through the dam and slowly but surely it breaks forth into the river that has been restrained. For in His presence is fullness of joy and life everlasting.

That river is in the deepest part of us, our spirit man.  For most, it is buried way under the cares and occupations of this life we live on the earth.  But once it is activated by the Spirit of God bringing life back into our being it can never stop bringing forth life.  We can dam it up and even restrict its flow but in the end the river of life will prevail and bring us into the joy I spoke of above.

Give into the flow of life, do not resist the Spirit as He calls you to life and joy.