New Moon

Riding into work this morning the sky was a beautiful palette of reds ahead of me blending perfectly into the darkness of what was behind.  The new moon was strikingly absent from its place just below the morning star this time of year.  It was like my morning friend was hiding or preparing to be revealed.  With the new moon we entered a new month, Cheshvan, on Saturday and on this new day I was stuck by the gift of each day we get.

The month of Cheshvan,  which is when the great flood, you know Noah and the Ark, started and then ended a year later.  It’s a month of bitterness and also new beginnings!  Traditionally and month of bitterness and suffering to my people, with the deepest day being Cheshvan15 (Nov 9th 1938) the infamous day know as Die Kristallnacht when the NAZI’s began their march towards the “final solution”.    There is also a hopeful component in the traditions that this month will bring great blessing with the restoration of the third temple in Jerusalem.

For me this daybreak was a sign of a new day full of promise and hope.  Messiah Jesus has redeemed us form the curse of the law and broken the grip of death from off our necks.  Let our lips offer up praise and worship today with every beneath we breath and every step we take.  Understanding that He has overcome Sin, Death, Sickness and the Grave once and for all!


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