Earthly or Heavenly, which is it?

We recently moved further down the river and down two floors, it gave me a whole new perspective on the river.  What was far away is now closer, my whole perception of the river has changed.  Sights and sounds are clearer and amplified.  I am much more aware of the rhythms of the river and the life which depends on its flow.  It’s not necessarily better, just different and refreshingly new.

There is much talk about our perspective, is it earthly or heavenly? Is a common question, distinction.  This “difference” comes from the concept of “being earthly or heavenly minded”  John 3:12, Phil 3:19.   We’ve heard the idea of being no heavnly good because we are too earthly minded or vice verse.  Well. I think it’s like so many things I’ve come to see as my hair turns gray and the clock continues to ticktock on the wall.  The truth tends to lie between the extremes that are revealed in the Word.

Heavenly perspective  is totally accessible through the earthly perspective we live in day to day.  It’s similar to worship in that it is a mindset or lifestyle by which we interpret everything we experience thru the lense of the Holy Spirit.  Much the same way as my perspective on our lovely river has changed and become much more detailed and intricate, the journey of faith that I’m on has grown deeper and richer every time I’ve taken the time to see Papa in his creation and pondered the beauty of His glory.  Times of revelation in the “wild” have been as powerful as any big celebration or conference and may have been more profound and lasting.

Papa God put this all here so that we are without excuse in regards to knowing Him and seeking after His tangible presence.  The perspective we choose is our own doing, near or far makes no difference from Papa’s perspective He’s always as close as our next breath and in the very expression of that breath.


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