To Restore:

  • Return to it’s original state
  • Restitution of something lost or taken away
  • Remove the wear and tear of time 
  • Replace the broken with new that blends in perfectly with the good.

Everyday we learn of new ways that bring worship out of us.  Restoration is one of those sources of gratitude which supplies us with the joy that springs forth from a new beginning.  When we have wandered from the paths of righteousness and followed after the ways of the world our soul gets weighed down by the cares of this world.  We get so focused on the world around us that we loose sight of the calling of our lives to worship and fellowship with Papa God. 

Just like a piece of furniture which needs refinishing, we must be cleaned up and restored.  Sometimes it takes the Holy Spirit’s scraper, steel wool and solvent to cut through the layers of gunk and dirt we’ve collected.  We must be stripped of the tarnish and oxidation that comes from living in this world.  The labels on purported magical refinisher/restorers you will see in the store claim easy on/off quick work with no residual film or color.  But the hard work of restoration takes time and patience.  The damaged places must be restored through the tears of repentance and the rebuilding of trust just like the elbow grease of removing the old decay and applying the new layers of clean finish will bring out the original beauty and luster of the wood.

The real joyous thing here is that we have a helper in this restoration in Jesus.  He is patient, kind, loving and wants to see restoration more than we can understand.  He will supply us with the strength through the Holy Spirit to complete the work of restoration each and every day we walk out our faith and hope in Him.  Ultimately Him bringing worship as we live in His light and glory.


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