Pharsees and Saducees not welcome

While walking the earth, who did Jesus spend his time with?

  • Those who hungered for truth and freedom from despair
  • Those who saw the connection He had with Papa God
  • Those who wanted to be in His presence
  • Those who recognized the presence of Holy Spirit in Him

While walking the earth, who did He stay away from ?

  • Those who had it all, they were the tip of the top
  • Those who had God all figured out, they had the system down
  • Those who were convinced they lived in the presence 
  • Those who knew they had their place secure they were the chosen ones

fork in the pathThe Word says God dwells in the presence of His worshipers.  Where else would Jesus want to spend His time?  

Would He stay with those who didn’t even recognize Him, after-all they had millennia of prophecies lining out everything He did.  But they were steeped in layers of traditions which blinded them.  In the end they worshipped their system not their Creator.  Those other “outsiders” were looking for love in all the wrong places.  They were desperately seeking the love were starved for.  They knew they deserved nothing but saw living love in front of them.  They could sense the very atmosphere Heaven when He was near, His love was overwhelming and His joy contagious.  The perfect representation of Pap God standing in front of them and they came to two wildly different conclusions.  He was either the very author of life or worthy of death!

Every breath, every move, every step is true worship when Jesus is the focus, if we set our hearts on someone or something else, our worship is futile.  Dust in the wind, vapors not rising up but dissipating, tears not stored up but squandered on the ground.   Yes everything we do is worship but, of whom?