Red glow on the eastern horizon

Night recedes into the west

First songs of the morning take wing

Last star fades from view 

Dew sparkles in the first rays of light

Night crawlers and creepers hide away

The symphony of life awakens

Singing the tunes of creation

Babbling waters and rustling leaves

How can we remain silent?

Dance with the dawn 

Sing with the sunrise

Sound the trumpet

Worship with all your might !


Fallow ground

Is fallowness or fallow ground a bad thing? 

My initial reaction is, yes of course, because it seems to be associated with weeds and such so it must be bad, I mean, weeds in the field are bad right?   

Interesting thing is that fallow ground, is ground which has been turned over or tilled in preparation for planting and then purposely left to sit for a time. That process turns the stalks and leaves along with the weeds and undesirable parts deep into the soil. But under that soil, transformation takes place and the refuse of what was, becomes the source of nutrition to the crop which will be planted next season. And that process can take time, while the field sits fallow or “useless” it is actually quite busy preparing for the next season.

So we could say that the season of perceived fallowness, may actually be a time ordained to prepare us for the greater work to come. That period when the junk in our lives is transformed through the mysterious workings of wind and water and Sun on our fallow ground, may actually be the Spirit the Word and the Son shaping us on the potter’s wheel into the vessel fit for the next purpose Papa has for us.

Never despise the day of small beginnings, or the secret things in hidden places, 

Papa has plans that we know not as yet, but be assured they are for our good!   

Determine to persist thru the fallow time, in fact worship in the midst as it is not a period of “punishment” but rather a time of renewal and refreshing!!!