Worship Thought

I had a worship thought the other day……

img_1686When we were part of the institutional church we had a scheduled day and time when we were supposed to worship.  You know, Sunday morning 10am or whatever the appointed time was for the fellowship we were part of.  You probably think I’m going to say that kind of “formal thing” is bad and artificial because I’m not part of the system anymore.  But in reality there is something good about a set time to be aware of His presence.  In effect the schedule at least makes us aware of our need to spend time with Papa God.  The breakdown comes in our complacency fostered by the feeling we have “fulfilled our duty” by being part of the appointed service.

Regardless of our form of fellowship, we should set aside times when we purposefully seek a deeper awareness of His presence.  It is this deep desire for more of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, that brought the early church together from house to house in fellowship to grow together.  It just morphed over time as the traditions of men crept in and became systematized, formalized and organized into its current “normal Christian” expressions.  I would contend that they bear no resemblance to the early Church  what so ever.

So, in light of the premise that It’s all worship, we should be fully aware of His omnipresence in our lives as we breath in and out His name continually.  But hey, life happens and it is so easy to be caught up by the visible world around us.  We tend to live by sight, not by faith, because it’s the “natural” way to be.  Without Holy Spirit we depend 100% on our physical senses to experience life.  But the real substance of our being is Supernatural.  It’s who we are in Jesus, above the visible, natural world living in continuous knowledge of His presence and power working in our lives.

Be vigilant to stay actively aware of His omnipresence and His longing to be included in our every waking thought and action.