What propels the waves? A surge of energy from an unseen force of nature? The breath of God on the waters? A mysterious strength from the depths of the sea?   Waves continue unabated from the dawn of creation. A integral part of the symphony of worships set in motion as the Spirit moved over the waters so long ago.

They make me realize again how we are to be at worship continually in harmony with all of creation. Yes as if driven by the wind of the Spirit, moved by some urgent force deep within, responding to the force of Papa’s love poured out on us.
Waves take the hard places in the ocean and wear them down till they become the soft sands that smooth the weary feet.
Waves, sometimes soft and serene, quiet and peaceful. Other times raging, powerful and boisterous. All driven by that unseen force the dwells in the wind and sea. We too are driven by unseen forces which rise up in actions and deeds every day we live.  

Let’s be aware of this worship we are continually engaged in and keep the focus of our worship on Papa, not distracted buy the boisterous waves or lulled into complacency by the gentle ones.




It’s really easy to associate worship and celebration.  It’s universal.  Not just some Western Christianity sort of phenomenon.  Worship in all cultures has at least a component of celebration at times.   But we celebrate all kinds of things and events in life and if you think about it we are worshipping in every celebration.

 So what can be considered celebration?  

We just traveled across the country to celebrate the life of a dear uncle.  No, it wasn’t a dreary gloomy wailing mournful deal, it was indeed a celebration.  The stories told at the wake, from the pulpit during the service, at the meal afterwards and on into the night in his famous Red Barn were a testimony to his life, a life well lived indeed.  

His example of practical blessing to so many around him was his faith, lived on the outside but never “in your face.”  He showed us how to celebrate every day…  I think he had ahold of something big, celebrate (worship) everyday by living a life of joy, generosity and love, and it will  spread contagiously to those around you.   

Thanks, Uncle Earl.  We miss you and look forward to seeing you again.