I’ve been contemplating serenity as a form of worship lately. This view off our balcony is so serene and peaceful it lead me to look up the word serenity.

1. The state of being serene; calmness; peacefulness.

2. A lack of agitation or disturbance.

3. A title given to a reigning prince or similar dignitary.


One of the benefits of worship is peace or serenity.  One of the benefits of salvation is “the peace that passes all understanding”.  Kinda makes you think don’t it ?

So if we are suppose to worship all the time and we have have serenity in us all the time, then aren’t we are there already, we just have to recognize it.  It’s the same way we have to step into our salvation daily and purposefully walk it out.  These attributes of the divine presence in us are always there just waiting for us to cooperate and let them out.  So, we really are enabled to worship all the time in everything we do.

Yeah, OK, life does it’s best to eat away at our peace, to chip away at the serenity we should walk in constantly. What we must focus on is that , in Christ we are already at peace, serene and impervious to the hostility going on in the physical world. The real you and I, the spirit man inside is quite capable of walking in perfect serenity always. Like so many things in this mortal life, it is simply a choice.

Let’s choose to live from the serenity within and walk in worship every minute of every day.