Worship mindset

IMG_1618My worship journey has taken me down an interesting path over the last few years since we left the institutional church. The weekly rhythm and duties associated with being part of a of the staff of a “local fellowship” lulled me into thinking that I had sort of “put in my time” because I did all the stuff I was supposed to do according to the system.

I was so caught up in “doing the worship stuff” that I lost site of who was the object of my worship. If I’m brutally honest, the goal became the “acts of worship” in a way. My focus became the mechanics of it all, playing to the expectations of leadership, focusing on the “vision”, mine and theirs, and trying to make sure I was doing the “right thing” by everyone. Sometimes, in all of the busyness of ministry, I got my focus back on Jesus. No wonder things sometimes felt dry in the midst of it all and other times He broke through.
Since we left the system behind, I’ve seen my appreciation of the universal nature of worship expand over and over. It has nothing whatsoever to do with planning a set time or place of “worship” or orchestrating all the players and pieces to flow together to “get into the river”. It’s been about coming to the understanding that we are always praising and worshipping. I’ve been unlearning 30 years of Churchianity, experiencing the freedom to see Papa God everywhere, to find my Big brother Jesus in the creative expressions of everyone around me. To hear the sweet wind of the Spirit blowing in the simple rhythms of life and the complex orchestrations of nature.
Everything we do is worship of one sort or another. Let’s set our sights on Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the only One worthy of worship and live each moment for the Glory of Him.