Even this is Worship !

I overheard the question, in regards to a meeting tomorrow, “Who’s doing worship?”

Brothers and sisters in the streams we’ve flowed in over the years ask this question and it presents an interesting conundrum.   Oh, I understand the context of the question being “who’s going to be up on the platform leading the songs”.
But to me, the important question is more general who, is doing the worship?  Who?
Is it the anointed/appointed people on the platform who are supposed to be leading the congregation into the courts and hopefully to the throne room?
Is it the audio/video folks who are powering the mechanics of the service?
Is it the folks on live Web stream i n their jammies on the couch at home?
Is it the kids coloring in the Jesus coloring books at the back of the sanctuary?
It’s just our normal thing to see this as the worship thing.
Oh you mean the singing?“, One of my friends said in response to the similar question of “When do we start worship?”
I would like to see my worship encompassing the entirety of life.
How do we do that?
Let’s set our hearts to be enraptured and enthralled at every little glimpse we get of Jesus in all the bits and pieces of life.  He’s there, in every moment, the good, bad, ugly, beautiful, all of it.   Sure we can join in and enjoy the fellowship of brothers and sisters in song and dance too, because, hey, it’s all worship !!!!