We Christians generally think of worship in a positive manner, as in ascribing worth to Papa God; our Creator, Sustainer, Father.  However worship is ascribing worth to one thing which therefore by definition debases other things. The new found “glory” of the object of our worship blinds our eyes to everything else.

So, what about this concept of worshipping fear?  When we dwell in the realm of fear, we push aside all faith and therefore all that is positive.  We sink into the “slough of despond” like Pilgrim in Bunyan’s classic.  Worry is the worship of fear.  It contains all the components of worship, we ascribe great importance to the subject of our worry, our thoughts dwell on it or mutter it, chewing it like the cow chews her cud deriving all the evil “nutrition” possible from the worrisome thoughts.
I have been a consummate worry worshipper in my life and it’s end is never good.  This affliction or iniquity is common among those of us who love to engage in worship of the true and living Father of Lights.
Why then do we go off the faith rails into worryville so quickly?  What is it about worry that is so easy?  The answer lies in where we are looking, are we focused on this temporal world with all it’s issues and fears or are we looking intently into the light of Jesus glorious face and His good pleasure to bring us into the full revelation of His Kingdom.
Let us always seek first His Kingdom in every thought, word and deed…   I think I read that somewhere.

One thought on “Worship of Fear?

  1. I agree that when we put our fear above what God says is true, we’re worshiping our fears. It’s unsettling to think of how much authority we have, and how easily we can get derailed. At the same time, it’s such a privilege to know that He’s given us that authority as sons and daughters.

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