Forms, Formality, Forever

Worship can take many forms; Clamorous, glorious, raucous, abandoned, wild, radical, crazed, outrageous, zealous, awestruck, humbled, ruined, bowed, silent, laid down, dumbfounded, intoxicated, captivated, enthralled, silent, somber, joyous, dancing, paralyzed, energized, laughing, crying, reeling, overwhelmed, carried away, enraptured, ecstatic, solemn, contemplative.
At a recent meeting I observed many of these ways of worship. Both during the time when there was music and during the time when the man was speaking. In fact, earlier during the day I witnessed these expressions of worship in various places. People all give praise and worship all day long to many different perceived “sources”.  It’s just what we humans do, we worship constantly and with great abandon.  Most of us just won’t admit to it in our “regular” life.  Seriously when did you last see a football game, or concert?
Oh yeah we “officially worship” at the church, the synagogue, the temple, but all the other times when we ascribe worship to the many “sources” in life during our regular walking around day to day life we are just doing life, we tend to see that part as the secular part of life…… Hey what about doing life in the midst of our worship and keeping our focus on the Father of lights all the time? Now there’s a way to live!

It’s how we will spend eternity……