A house full of family
laughter filling the air
stories being told
gifts being shared
meals to be cooked
cookies to be baked
hugs abounding
music resounding
Hanukkiah glowing
Lots of love showing
Just spending time together
This is life and this is worship



So, how do you worship when you disconnect from the institutional church system? I’ve struggled with this for two years now, since leaving a lifelong journey through one version or another of that institution.

We are so programmed into the mindset that we must have a band or choir up in front of us and a special place to “enter in”. We somehow need to be in one of those groups either on the platform or out in the congregation to “really” worship. So when we leave that system it can feel odd to worship in other ways. The uncomfortable sense of the familiar being gone and the uncertainty of what Holy Spirit wants us to do can lead to feeling disconnected.

However, if we believe that living life in a Christ honoring way is in itself worship, then coffee with a brother or a volleyball game with friends can certainly be worship. The underlying question for me is “Am I currently giving glory to God with my life?” If the answer is yes, then I’m worshiping indeed. Are our lives meant to be segmented into sacred and secular? Are we not supposed to redeem the time and live mindful of Papa’s presence (in the sacred) all the time?

Now, is there value in gathering with brothers and sisters and singing songs or celebrating Jesus together? Absolutely!!! But if you look at the early Church, they met tougher in homes and public places to fellowship (live life together). It was not about the place they met or the activity they did, but the assembling together in groups of two or more wherever and whenever the Spirit led them. For wherever two are three are gathered in His name, there He is in the midst.

It’s all worship!