Worship in the Midst of Adversity

I’m currently standing for healing of some funky gastrointestinal thing where pain seems to come and go randomly. But in the midst of that battle , I found a new appreciation for worship this afternoon. Y’all know my definition of worship is a bit broader that the 4 walls on Sunday morning. This afternoon I found, Close to the Edge (Yes) on Spotify and listened to the whole thing waiting in the HEB lot for the family to finish shopping while I rested.
It was amazing how that music with all it’s oddity and intricacies had me marveling at the creative genius Papa put in those men so many years ago. Yes of course we could argue about the form or possibly even their motives but in the end I prefer to let the creative expression bring glory to Papa God regardless of the vessel He’s used to bring it about. For worship is after all seeing Him in everything and everywhere and give Him the honor due His name. Freedom is indeed found in seeing His hand on everyone, His moving through the creative gifting He has bestowed on all people is an expression worship and communion.