Holy of Holies

There’s a place of beauty and rest in the Holy presence of Papa God.
It can come to us in a flash of lightning or streaming in like a gentle breeze.
But the result is always the same, in the sense that He is never the same, always fresh and new, desiring to bring us into new realms of glory. Papa delights in the heart that draws near to Him, the heart that seeks His lap or his enfolding arms of love.

When Heaven touches earth in this way we are forever changed. There is a longing in every heart for this kind of tangible weighty glory. We know down deep inside that His presence is where we belong and once we experience it we never want to leave.

What do we have to do to come here? That’s the mystery of the ages, He’s right here in our midst, in His people all the time without condition, without limit. We strive for new ways to “bring His presence” to “step into the throne room” when all along the Holy of holies is right with us, Holy Spirit living in us empowering us to be with Papa at any moment because we are walking in the presence. We literally speak His name with every breath. Let every breath be worship to Papa God.


Around and Around We Go….

Worship, true worship is circular in nature, in and out of His manifest presence, deeper and deeper we go. I think it is because our human frame can only endure His pure holiness and joy to a certain point and that is in relationship to our depth of desire for Him. We set our hearts on Him and His glory, His beauty and majesty and He pours our a deeper desire to get ever closer and closer to His heart.

This song shows this reality so well:
Set a Fire down in my soul
That I can’t contain that I can’t control
I want more of you God
I want more of you God

How awesome is it that we can seek more of Him and ask for a deeper desire to chase Him longer, stronger, further than we have ever gone before and He sits back pleased because His kids are in love Him just because of who He is. We can actually bring joy to the King of the Universe, The Holy one of Israel, The Lord of lords and King of kings. Rest assured that our pursuit of Him is a two way journey of pleasure and joy in the sweetness of His presence. Flowing in and out of the cloud of His glory, experiencing the Shekinah and Shalom only available in intimate fellowship with Papa God. We really can’t get enough of His presence, once experienced it is addicting, truly better than any experience on earth.