Being versus Doing

There’s a longing in your heart to hear my voice to know my ways.
It’s a longing for my heart and the surety of my plan for you. I’ve given you this longing and it’s a good thing. A heart bent towards me is a heart actually at rest. For rest is not a passive thing but a thing of passion. It is active pursuit of my will and where your place is inside me. So rest in your seeking me, for resting and abiding are very similar rhythms of your life in me.
Why do we feel so compelled to “do things” for Papa? Let it be the outflow of a heart at rest in Him, complete in Him and seeking to share that completeness with others. It’s not the doing that fulfills but the fullness of Him that initiates the doing.
For years I tried to do the things that constitute the life of Christ. It’s a long list in most streams of the Church, lots of dos and don’ts. But it never lead to peace or lasting joy. Only resting in His peace, trusting in His voice, and following the leading of the Spirit has brought abiding joy.