The awe of His Majesty

Is there not a hearing ear or a seeing eye that can comprehend the height or depth, width or breadth of Papa’s love for us?
No, No fleshly ear or eye can see His glory or perceive his Love, it is with the spirit of man that the Spirit of God is perceived.
How can we as spiritually “dead” men perceive life when we are numb to Him in every way? What is that longing inside us for fellowship with the Creator of the Universe?
It is only by the life born in us through His Spirit that we can see or hear anything of God. That life is imparted to us in resurrection glory, breathing life into our lifeless old man overpowering the reign of death that has trapped us since the fall.
We are helpless in ourselves to effect the change but are required to agree with it’s complete ability to fill us with the very life that raised Jesus from the dead. The power of His endless life which sustains the universe and holds the very atoms together preventing their spinning from ceasing or running our of control.
It is indeed a mystery how this all works exactly, in fact it has been the source of countless debates and divisions as men try to comprehend the infinite with their finite minds.
Know that He is always drawing us, by the innate awe and knowing within us, into sweet relationship and deep revelation of the glory of His majesty.