It’s all Worship

I was once listening to some really excellent music being played. Highly skilled musicians exercising their craft in a way that was extremely pleasing to the ear and also so complex in its melodic textures. I believe it was either jazz or possibly bluegrass, the exact form or song is not important, but the word Papa spoke to my heart still resonates today. It was a perfect example of that moment musicians long for when a group clicks, when all the instruments or voices come together and their collective sound rises to a new level of harmony and beauty. It’s the time we all long for when jamming with others or just sitting around pickin’ & grinnin’.
At that precise moment I felt I heard Papa God say, “it’s all worship”, they think it’s just a glorious time lost in the music but I’m there rejoicing in my creation, in the beauty they are creating because of the gifts i planted in them when they were being formed in their mother’s wombs.
The very act of playing the music inside us, “releasing the sound,” as one of my dearest friends says, is fulfillment of our very purpose for existing. I think he’s onto something there which lines up with what I heard. If we are exercising the creativity in us, are we not displaying the very spark of the divine in us which sets us apart as ones created in the image of the master musician. After all was it not His words sung into the void which set all into motion?
The thing which struck me was that these musicians were playing music simply for the joy of the music, for the fellowship of the song, the power in the melody. I remember those times when everybody in the band clicked and the music went from just a tune to something truly amazing. Music may be the purest form of communication we have it is most certainly the most powerful. Do we not remember all the words of many songs we listened to in our youth wether we want to or not. I think this is one of the reasons we equate worship with something musical in the American Church. But is exists outside the four walls of the church ediface, worship goes on 24×7 in all of creation.
I would contend that all of our life is worship, especially in light of the concept of adoration and who should be the object of our constant adoration. But more on that later…..


What is worship?

Let’s look at it as an English word and that it is not necessarily related to some formal service in a building specially constructed for meetings. Simply put, worship is defined “adoring reverence or regard”. Yes it is a concept most commonly associated with deity and some form of religious service but I would contend it is more properly, the core of who we are as human beings, fashioned in the image of our creator. We are made to worship, it is built into the center of our soul and psyche that we are most fulfilled by our active worship. For the acts of true worship are an integral part of our relationship with the living God. They constitute our side of the conversation of life in Him. The real question is who / what is the object of our worship for we easily loose sight of the only one worthy.

“Adoring reverence or regard” let’s break that down a bit:
the act of paying honor, as to a divine being, fervent and devoted love
a feeling or attitude of deep respect tinged with awe; veneration.
to have or show respect or concern for.

Now, how about the Hebrew word most often translated worship: shachah [Strongs H7812] To prostrate oneself. (the act of laying down before the object of our adoration)

Is this not what all of life is? laying down our very existence, our time at the altar of whatever we deem the most important thing at that moment. Look at our efforts to gain approval and acceptance in life, the way we offer up our selves totally to the entity from which we desire validation. We will sacrifice everything for a cause or leader just to gain that feeling of worth which comes from such sacrifice and service.

Yet some say, I serve no one, I’m my own master, the captain of my fate…. In the end even if we carry off the facade of self reliance and independence we are still desperately seeking that approval which comes only the true source of life.

more to follow……